Orhov Keyrune, one of the newest cards from the upcoming expansion pack the popular card game, "Magic: The Gathering," was leaked today. The image can be seen at MagicTheGather.com, Orzhov Keyrune can hypothetically unlock the power of Extort-based decks.

Here are the details from the card:

Orzhov Keyrune - 3

Artifact (Uncommon)

Tap: Ad W or B to your mana pool.

WB: Orzhov Keyrune becomes a 1/4 white and black Thrull artifact creature with lifelink until end of turn.

You only need to wield it once to appreciate the power of control.

Orzhov Keyrune one of five cards in the artifact cycle, very uncommon in the game, that adds a mana from the guild and also has the ability to transform them into an artifact creature, which only lasts one turn. For Orzhov Keyrune, you get ¼ white and black Thrull artifact creature with lifelink.

There are some great combo's you can play along side Orzhov Keyrune, especially in a controlling Extort deck. After a second turn Blind Obedience, Orhov Keyrune would be a great third turn drop, which would set up a fourth turn Obzedat Ghost Council. Rhox Faithmender will be an interesting card to play as well, considering Extort decks contain so much life gain. Orzhov Keyrune's level four toughness will help protect the card from a lot of cards your opponents might play early, including Dreg Mangler or Boros Elite. With the added toughness, Orzhov Keyrune can help you stay alive, and buy you time and life until you can play a board sweeper like Mutilate or Terminus.

What do you think? Have any good uses for Orzhov Keyrune? Let us know in the comments section below!