Google's Awful HTML5 Youtube Player Google updated its HTML5 YouTube Player, but it doesn't offer true fullscreen. (Photo: iDigital Times / Daniel Perez)

This past week, Google updated its YouTube player for iOS users who use its site to view videos. Its update looks very similar to the desktop player with controls made for touchscreen devices as well as having the ability to select the quality of your video, which is something that was greatly lacking in the YouTube iOS app. Unfortunately, the HTML5 currently doesn't allow for a true fullscreen experience and that is irritating many video watchers.

When you tap the "full screen" icon on the YouTube HTML5 player, it doesn't take up the entire screen as iOS users would have expected. Instead, the video blows up and only fills the portion of the screen that constitutes the web page area while the Safari toolbar is still in plain sight.

A simple solution to this issue would be to just launch the YouTube application for the majority of you who are using iOS 5, but Apple is already making moves to eliminate its YouTube application in iOS 6. Google has assured iOS users it'll make a YouTube application available soon after iOS 6 launches this Fall, but for now, it would seem like iOS users are stuck with Google's awful HTML5 YouTube video player.

As of now, there's no option in the HTML5 player for iOS to allow your videos to take up the entire screen of your iOS device, but there is a workaround which isn't very convenient, but it'll get the fullscreen job done.

When you are directed to a video and you find yourself in the HTML5 YouTube video player, you can scroll to the bottom of where the video is located and tap on the "Desktop" link to change your view to the desktop version of YouTube. Once you have the desktop version running, you can have all of the fullscreen goodness you can ever want, although you may run into an issue with the player once in a while. You should also know the quality of your video won't be ask nice as the HTML5 player since you're given the option of higher quality videos.

YouTube fullscreen player The same video played in fullscreen with our workaround (Photo: iDigital Times / Daniel Perez)

Hopefully the wait for Google's YouTube application after iOS 6 is released won't be too long as I'm sure the company will hear a lot of feedback from iOS users on their terrible HTML5 YouTube video player. I'm just hoping they offer something more fresh than the old and stagnant YouTube video player of old.